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Today is Saturday, 2021-May-8

TruttleCities News


City Creation Released!

Up until today, there were 3 possible cities a TruttleCitizen could reside in: MainStreet, the somewhat crowded metropolis; Boston, the techy place with pretty much only a time travel manual (and some apiology); and Arcadia, which contained pages related to gaming. Now, certain users have been given the opportunity to found their own cities!

The founder of a city is called the "Mayor." They are in charge of setting the site's description and moderating the content visible on their city. Don't upset the mayors, though, or else your page might get evicted and set to static. Hopefully, more themed communities arise through the use of user-generated cities.

The first user to attempt this was ~Aspwil. As a beta tester, he figured out that he could actually create a new city called "MainStreet", and he would actually become the mayor of MainStreet. The Coup of MainStreet lasted about 3 minutes before the ability to use the name of an already existing city was removed. :P


TruttleCities released in Closed Beta!

Welcome one and all to TruttleCities! TruttleCities is a free website where users can create their own home pages. The aim of TruttleCities is to bring creativity back to the internet! The Closed Beta has been released, and the 14 or so users who were given permission into the closed beta needed to provide a beta code, which looked something like:


By putting their codes into the "Beta Code" section of the sign up form, they were entered into the Closed Beta!

TruttleCities started out with 3 cities to move into: MainStreet for generic pages, Arcadia for gaming, and Boston for tech.